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High Quality Lift Truck Repair

Campiotti Lift Truck Service offers complete customized repair and maintenance for any type of forklift, electric truck, internal combustion truck or any other type of heavy equipment. We bring more than 29 years of professional experience to the Manteca, California area.

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Far more than just a truck repair service, Campiotti Lift Truck Service is an effective resource in any area of lift repair, training or supply. We offer a large inventory of parts. We can set your company up with on-site operator safety training. Our team is experienced with and sells the top names in the industry. We will get the jobe done.

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High Quality LIft Truck Repair


1. How often do I need to have my forklift serviced?
We recommend PM services at the minimum every 100-150 hours or every three months. Ultimately, it depends on how often you use the lift. If you are using the lift all day and every day, it will need more frequent services than one used twice a week.
2. What is a PM service?
PM stands for Preventive Maintenance. Upon studying your forklift, we will suggest how often you should have your basic services performed (basic services meaning oil and filter change, battery check, fluids topped off, etc.). We will set up a scheduled time to come out on a regular basis. When you have regular PM services, we can often catch problems before they snowball into something major and your lift breaks down. PM services take only an hour to do – which makes them less expensive than most service calls.
3. How often does my forklift need new tires?
When your forklift needs new tires varies, depending on the environment in which the forklift is used. Do you run it on smooth surfaces or outside on the gravel? Those variables play a big part on how often you will need to replace your tires. Changing tires reduces fatigue on the transmission. A fatigued transmission works exponentially harder to turn the tires the same amount of rotation – which can lead to a breakdown. Our strong recommendation is that press on tires be replaced when 30-40% of the usable rubber is gone (Example: 21x7 tires should be replaced when the OD is between 19 and 19.5 inches).
4. What kind of training do I have to have to operate a forklift?
To operate a forklift, you need to have on-the-job operator training. OSHA also requires that each forklift operator undergoes forklift safety training. The training ensures that the operator drives in a safe way that does not endanger himself, others or company property. If you are not certified, and OSHA finds out, the fines for non-compliance can be upwards of $7,000. Forklift safety training is one of the great services offered by Campiotti Lift Truck Service. Contact us for more information.
5. When do my forks not meet OSHA requirements?
Forks do not meet OSHA requirements when 10% of the fork heel is worn.

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